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Download Odin 3.07 for Samsung Android Smartphones & Tablets (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista):

You are here to download Odin 3.07. Before to get started with it, you should know some specific and useful details of this tool. Odin is a tool cum a light weight software developed by the Korean Giant, Samsung to help its devices update new firmware on it. Samsung has its own Samsung Kies Mini which serves the same thing. However, people expect more and more from such giants and hence this tool is developed. Odin has its own previous versions too, fortunately you would get a newer and the most recent version of it from here.

Odin 3.07 (2)

Odin tool is a Windows GUI software, so this tool works only and only on Windows OS based PCs or laptops. If you are using any other PC or laptop, this tool wont work on it. Move ahead only if you are using a Windows OS based PC.

Being a light weighted tool, it works more smoother than any other tools. Even Samsung’s own Samsung Kies Mini takes more time than this Odin too. Odin tool is very well known by everyone who uses an Android smartphone. Being an open source platform, Android allows its users to make changes on the current OS of the device manually. There are numerous tools and other enhancements available to use and explore this Android OS to its optimum level. However, people do like to make changes only on its operating systems.

Android updates its OS versions now and then and hence people are always dreaming to get the very latest version of to their current Android device. Before getting any official updates from Google, there are numerous developers who are working on the same. They unleash new OS firmwares before the official ones. People used to install such updates by their own. Odin tool is made for official updates only. There are other developers who offer official Android updates to be installed on Android devices. To install such official Android firmware on a particular device, one should know how to use Odin tool .Following tutorial will tell you the exact way of using this tool from your Windows PC.

How to use Odin tool on a PC?

There’s no any special skills required to use this light weighted tool from your PC. You just need to be a patient user of it. To make use of this software, all you have to do is just simple downloading and then connecting your Android device to the PC on which you are going to perform this installation process. Before to start anything with this process, you need to keep some things in your mind so that you will have a better set of results at the end of the process.

This tool contains several options as different sections and all have their own meaning while using the tool. You can see all the useful and detailed description of it from the main page. There you can a detailed description of every mentioned sections. See above picture. You can see many options with different sections. Now, the question is how to install Odin 3.07 on PC? Following step by step guide will tell you the exact way of installing this tool on your Windows PC. Take a look!

How to Install Odin 3.07 on Windows PC ?

To get started with this Odin 3.07 tool, you need to follow the basic steps of downloading and installing this tool on PC.

Step 1 :

Initially, you need to download Odin 3.07 tool on your desktop. If you are not aware from where to download this tool, you will be given a direct download link of this tool at the end of this article.

Step 2 :

Open the downloaded file. It will be in Zip file. You need to extract the downloaded file.

Step 3 :

Open the extracted Zip file in which you can see four different files. Right click on to the Odin3 V3.07 from these four files and open it with Run as administrator option.

odin 2

Step 4 :

Odin will be launched on your Windows desktop in a few seconds and you can see its homepage on your screen with a proper set of options and sections.

Odin 3.07

This was the simple process to install this Odin 3.07 tool on your Windows PC. To make use of this tool, you need to have an Android smartphone with a proper knowledge. Search for its firmware update from the Internet. Download its official update and by then you can make use of this tool.

As you might have known that Odin tool is only used for updating Samsung Android smartphones, you can use it to modify your smartphone, you can select a various option from the tool and a lot many things. For now, these much things are enough to let you know what’s the actual use of this tool. To download Odin 3.07 tool, follow the below given link.


Download Odin 3.07


odin 7

Click on to the above link and Odin 3.07 will be downloaded in a few seconds. Once the file is successfully downloaded, just extract the downloaded .zip file and then open the Odin3 v3.07.exe file from the extraction folder, and you are done – all setup to use Odin 3.07 on your PC to flash custom ROMs, kernels, mods, roots, bootloaders etc. on your Samsung Android smartphones and tablets. And yeah, also make sure you are having all the essential Samsung USB drivers installed so that Odin can recognize your Samsung Android device and allow you to flash custom ROMs onto your phone or tablet. If you have already downloaded Odin 3.07, let us know your experience with it in the comments, also mention if you are facing any trouble with the flash tool, we will obviously try to help you out. Thanks for reading, keep yourself updated with out site for more news related to Odin.

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